Terms and conditions

Airgreets is an Airbnb co-hosting company. Your airbnb-host asked us to take care of your booking.

German law requires hotels and hosts of short-term rentals to collect basic data on guests and store this data for 1 year. Only 1 guest needs to fill out the online checkin form and state the number of additional guests travelling with them. 

To provide a convenient, simple service for you as a guest, we are using Wishbox to collect the necessary data. You will find Wishbox’s data protection policy below. 

To make your arrival as smooth as possible, we will ask you to provide us with some additional information about your journey, for example your estimated time of arrival. Giving us the information is completely voluntary, but will help us to provide a better service. 


Data Protection Policy

Under the following you find the data protection policy of Wihsbox.


Internet Usage

Provider is an internet subscriber. Provider wishes to enable further individuals to use the internet connection. In this respect, the following applies: In Germany, internet subscribers may be held responsible for infringing actions resulting from the use of their internet connection. It is technically possible to track down internet infringements and to file a claim for damages (among others) against the subscriber before the competent Court. Despite this risk, Provider wishes to make the internet connection available to User and trusts that the applicable rules and German laws will be respected. Considering the above, User hereby confirms he / she has been instructed on the rules hereinafter and they will accept and abide by these rules and the laws applicable in Germany:

  • I may not give the internet password provided to me to any third parties. I undertake to keep the password safe. If I lose my password or it is accessed by third parties, I shall inform Provider about this immediately. 
  • I have been instructed that I may not use the internet connection to download any illegal material. In particular, I may not use so called “file sharing” peer to peer networks (where unauthorized sharing of other artists’ music, movies, photos, videos etc. takes place). 
  • I may not visit any pornographic websites or websites glorifying violence. 
  • I may not use the internet connection for any other illegal activities (e.g. insult or humiliate other individuals; publish other people’s photos online; publish photos depicting other individuals without their consent. Considering this, I will deal with other individuals respectfully. 
  • I have been instructed that in case of an infringing activity or a violation against these rules, I may be liable towards Provider and/or the respective rights owner. 
  • If there is suspicion that I have used the internet connection unlawfully or against these rules, I shall inform Provider truthfully about the kind, specific date and duration of my internet use. 
  • This agreement will become effective at the time the guest accepts the terms and conditions and data privacy policy and will remain in place as long as the internet connection is provided. 
  • This contract is based on and translated from a contract by Christian Solmecke, which can be used free of charge as long as the creator and the website www.wbs-law.de is referenced. 


House Rules

Please familiarize yourself with the following house rules. Thank you very much for treating your host’s home with respect. We hope you have a great stay!

How it works
This is a private home and we ask you to take care of all furniture and belongings and treat them as if they were your own.

Keep it tidy
Please leave the apartment in the same state you found it in.

Before you leave the apartment
Turn the heating off, switch off the stove and close the windows.

Please respect the neighbors at all times by keeping noise levels low; there are no parties, events or non-registered guests are allowed at the apartment.

Any questions?
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the Airbnb messenger function. One of our team members will be in touch with you.